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How to use Trial Data
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Create trial data to test scenarios and familiarize oneself/colleagues with the AgriDigital platform. Trial data will be integrated throughout the entire platform including contracts, orders, deliveries, invoices, and payments. All trial entries will be clearly labelled and will not interfere with your existing or future data.

Getting Started:

To use this trial data, Buyers can create a purchase or sale contract with one of the two parties 1) Test Buyer Account 2) Test Grower Account. These accounts have been automatically loaded into AgriDigital and will appear as options in the Counterparty drop down in the "New Contract" form. Once this contract has been saved, the user is ready to start testing. Simply refer to this contract as you create orders, deliveries, etc.

Site Operators with access to the Storage module can use trial data to create inventory and warehouse deliveries tied to the same Test Buyer or Grower Account. Note: Site Operators that are not subscribed to AgriDigital are currently limited to certain delivery types.

It is important to note that trial data can not be intertwined with real data. For example, a user can not allocate a trial data delivery onto a real contract.

All trial data will be clearly marked with the Trial (T) indicator in both the list and detail screens.

Removing Trial Data:

Delete trial data through the Settings > Account > Trial Data feature. Select the red "Remove Trial Data" button and all trial entries will be removed. All real data will not be impacted and a user can continue to create new trial data at any time.


Not an AgriDigital subscriber? No worries, the trial feature is available to both subscribing and non-subscribing users. To learn more about AgriDigital and the benefits we provide to participants throughout the supply chain, simply contact [email protected].

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