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Creating or Editing Inventory at a non-AgriDigital site
Creating or Editing Inventory at a non-AgriDigital site
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As a subscribed AgriDigital buyer, you can Create and Edit your inventory at sites for those Site Operators that are not users of AgriDigital.

You can also adjust the W/A FIS price at any site - even when the Site Operator uses AgriDigital.

To Create Inventory:

  1. Select 'Create inventory' in the top right hand corner.

  2. Fill in the form with location, season, commodity and grade.💡Only sites owned by organisations you have a connection with, who are not subscribed to AgriDigital, will display in this list.

  3. Enter the quantity for this inventory.

  4. If required, you can enter in a W/A FIS price. See this article for more information on this figure.

  5. You can also enter in a Reference for the transfer.

  6. Select 'Create inventory'

If you enter in details that correspond to existing inventory, you will see message pop up when completing the form ie 'Inventory already exists for this location, grade, season. The existing qty will be adjusted.​​

If you select 'Create Inventory', it will adjust the inventory to be the updated quantity.

After you've selected 'Create inventory', you'll be taken to the inventory details screen of the inventory you have just created/adjusted.

To Edit Inventory:

  1. Navigate to the specific inventory you want to adjust in your Transactions > Inventory list screen;

  2. Once you have the Inventory Details screen open, you can select 'Edit inventory' green button in the top right hand corner;

  3. You will be able to enter in the new quantity and (optionally) a new W/A FIS price or reference.​

  4. Once updated, click on the 'Edit Inventory' button at the bottom of the form to save your update.

  5. You will then this this new amount shown on your Transactions > Inventory list screen.

  6. You can view a report of all adjustments in the Transactions Dashboard.

💡Note: at an AgriDigital site, you can only edit the W/A FIS price.

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