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Notifications for you and your team (Buyer)
Notifications for you and your team (Buyer)
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Custom email notifications can be created so that the correct people on your team are notified in an efficient and timely manner.

To create a notification:

  1. Once you are on the Notifications page within the Settings module, select a feature.
    This features list includes: transaction contracts, transaction deliveries, transaction orders, transaction prices, transaction invoices, transaction payments;


  2. Choose a trigger event (created, edited, cancelled) for the selected feature.

    A few examples below:

    • Created = When a user creates an order selected team members will receive a notification.

    • Edited = When a counterparty edits a delivery selected team members will receive a notification.

    • Cancelled = When a user cancels an invoice selected team members will receive a notification.


  3. Select the frequency of these emails and which team members receive these notifications.

    The notification will always be sent at the end of the period selected, end of hour/day/week/month, or can be chosen to be received in real time.

Example: A notification will be sent on a weekly basis (the frequency) to John Snow (the team member) containing any invoices (the feature) that have been created (the trigger event) subsequent to the last notification received.

💡Note: The user who would like to receive these notifications needs to first be set up as a Team Member in your system, for steps on this please see Creating a new Team Member.

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