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How do I provide feedback on AgriDigital platform?
How do I provide feedback on AgriDigital platform?
Updated over a week ago

Your feedback helps us improve our user experience.

We have implemented a tool called HelloNext, to help us collate this feedback and provide real time status updates of what is under construction, in beta testing or recently launched.

You can either upvote existing user feedback or create your own.

Here's how.

Navigate to the Settings module and click on the Feedback tab.


You will then need to click on the 'Provide Feedback' button.


You'll be directed to our Feedback landing page where you can click on the 'New Feedback' tab, fill in the required information and once done, click on the 'New Feedback' button at the bottom of this window to enter your submission.

Once completed, you'll be able to view your submission on our product Feedback board.

* The more details you can provide in this submission the better.

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