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How do I reset my NGR API Key in AgriDigital
How do I reset my NGR API Key in AgriDigital
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Periodically, the National Growers Register, NGR will complete an upgrade to their system and as a result our NGR > AgriDigital Integration will require your NGR API Key to be reset in order to continue using this feature.

Please follow the steps below to update your AgriDigital account with your new NGR API Key.

API Keys can only be created by the Tech User associated with your NGR account through the myNGR portal.

1. Log into the myNGR portal
2. Go to Settings > Company Details> Organisation user account
3. Click the Reset Password button and wait for confirmation
4. Select COPY to copy the password

myNGR How To: How to reset your Web Services Password as a Technical Authorised User

Once you have copied your API Key from your NGR account, navigate to your AgriDigital account and complete the following:


1. Go to Settings > Transactions > Customers > Your NGR API Credentials
2. Click on Edit;


3. Paste your new NGR API Key in the Password field and 'Save Changes';


4. Once this has been completed you should be able to successfully 'Sync NGR records'.
The sync status should display the details of records once this sync is underway.


If you have any questions on this process, please reach out to our Support team on by creating a support ticket here.

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