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AgriDigital Essential Harvest Information (Growers)
AgriDigital Essential Harvest Information (Growers)
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Accessing your AgriDigital grower account and resetting your password

The good news is your account is already setup and ready to go.

It is important to ensure you are using the email address that is linked to your NGR account.

Please log in via the below link using your email address:

1. Go to from your internet browser, we recommend using Google Chrome;
2. Click on 'Don't remember your password?';
3. Enter your email address (linked to NGR) and check your inbox for our email;
4. Follow the steps in the link to reset your password.


Notifications for growers

AgriDigital automatically sends real-time email notifications to growers when the following occur:

1. A new Contract with a buyer who uses AgriDigital has been created;
2. An RCTI has been processed by a buyer on AgriDigital;
3. A delivery has been made to a site operator using AgriDigital. (If a grower has activated their AgriDigital account they will get a real-time sms message when a Delivery has been received as well.

📱 Notifications (email/SMS) will be sent to the Primary Contact on the growers NGR account. If these details are updated with NGR at any time, the site operator must re-sync with NGR via AgriDigital which will import the new grower records, as well as update existing details.

Viewing your deliveries and inventory
Follow the steps below to view your deliveries & inventory.

1. Log in to your AgriDigital account
2. Go into the Transactions module and select Deliveries

You will then be able to view your delivery tickets and thereby your inventory at AgriDigital sites by referring to the blue 'warehoused' tickets

GREEN = Transferred tickets
BLUE = Inventory / Warehoused tickets


Transfers to a Buyer
Follow the steps below to perform a transfer to a buyer.

1. Navigate to the Transactions > Deliveries list;
2. Click the green 'New Transfer' button in the top right-hand corner. This will take you to the transfer screen.


3. Select the Commodity, Season, Buyer and enter your reference number (e.g. Contract number)
4. You will now see all Deliveries available to transfer matching these parameters. To transfer one or more of these deliveries, click the check box adjacent to the deliveries you would like to transfer.
5. The sum of your deliveries to transfer will be displayed in the bottom-hand corner, next to “Total Selected Quantity”;
6. Click “Transfer Deliveries”, you will be then prompted to confirm that you are sure you would like to proceed with the transfer;
7. If correct, click OK;
8. You will now see an updated delivery status of 'Transferred' you can view your transfer in your Deliveries module.

💡 Note: Split transfers are possible by entering a portion of the delivery amount.
For example, if you delivered 25mt but only want to transfer 10mt, simply enter this in
the number field and AgriDigital will split this delivery for you.


Transfers to a Cash Price
Follow the steps below to perform a transfer to a buyer:

Go to Transactions > Prices and click on the price you wish to transfer against, you can also put in your specifics and prices will appear based on that information.

1. The transfer details will be automatically selected according to the selected cash price;

2. The Deliveries list below the transfer screen will show the available warehoused deliveries you can select to transfer to the Buyer;

3. Once you have selected or split the deliveries you wish to transfer, you will need to confirm to total tonnes you are transferring. Once done, the transfer will be complete and you'll see a Contract / Delivery raised automatically, for these specifics.


Useful links
Grower videos

For assistance with any of the above, or for any queries during harvest, please don't hesitate to contact the AgriDigital support team by email on [email protected]

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