What are the Modules in AgriDigital?
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The AgriDigital platform has five core modules as follows:


The Transactions module allows buyers and sellers to enter into contracts, manage prices, manage deliveries and inventory, manage logistics, and generate invoices and payments.


The Storage module allows storage providers and site operators the ability to manage their sites, create deliveries into their sites/ports, manage inventory ownership, and manage their silo inventory and quality.

Customers of the storage provider are able to view their deliveries and inventory via the transactions module.


The Connections module is the customer management solution that underpins all of the AgriDigital platforms modules.

For Australian customers, Connections is integrated with the National Grower Register (NGR).

Finance - upcoming

The Finance module streamlines the instructions and reporting process required for buyers and finance providers to access finance drawdowns and repayments into their facilities.

The finance module includes a sophisticated Marked to Market (M2M) valuation model for inventory and open contracts.

Remit - upcoming

The Remit module automatically calculates and collects deductions from buyers payments. This includes industry/government levies, end point royalties, storage provider fees, and many more in the future.

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