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How do sharefarm accounts work in AgriDigital?
How do sharefarm accounts work in AgriDigital?
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Key terms in AgriDigital

Partnership: This refers to a grower and/or sharefarm.
These are directly linked to the National Grower Register (NGR) - see this article for more information.

Supplier share: This refers to the percentage of the price that each grower within a sharefarm will receive.

As a grower within a sharefarm:

As a grower on AgriDigital, all of your relevant data will be stored in one account.
This means the data for all NGRs you are connected to, including any 100% owned by you and any split in a sharefarm will be accessible in your one AgriDigital login.

As the counterparty to a sharefarm:

In Contracts, Deliveries and Orders with sharefarm counterparties, you will see the Partnership entity with their NGR number displayed.

In this example, Grower business 1 and Grower business 2 are a sharefarm, and on their contract with Agritrade exports they are displayed as the counterparty.


If you would like to check the percentage that each party of the sharefarm is receiving, you can check Payments > Delivery Payments even before you have generated an RCTI.

This shows Grower business 1 and 2 have an 80/20 split.


When these deliveries are invoiced, an RCTI is created for each Grower within the sharefarm.


You will be able to view the share that each party receives in the Transactions > Invoices list screen by adding in column 'Organization supplier share'.
See this article for more information on adding columns in list screens.

You can also view this by viewing the invoice:


In Connections > Organizations, please note that this list is based on unique NGR numbers.
Therefore you will see the complete sharefarm entities in the list of Organizations, not the growers that make them up.

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