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How to add a new location
Updated over a week ago

To add a new location, navigate to the Contracts feature within the Transactions module and select 'New Contract' and proceed to fill out the form.

💡Note: You can create a new location for the Contract 'Price Basis' for Delivered Buyer, Delivered Grower, Ex-Farm (Grower). For FOT/Site Locations, please submit a request via our Support team.

In the 'Locations' sub-section of the contract form, follow these few steps:

  1. Select the green button 'Create New Location'.


  2. Add the location custom name and relevant 'reference location'.

    💡The reference location is the closest region to the desired site. This will be used to identify regional characteristics such as pricing data. Refer to our article here


  3. Now, use the 'location search' to find the desired address; if located, the inputs will be automatically generated. If not, double-click on the map and the relevant input fields will appear.


  4. Select 'Create' and the location will be permanently saved in AgriDigital's locations list and available to use on future Contracts.

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