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Adding new customer by syncing NGR
Adding new customer by syncing NGR
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As a buyer of commodities, there may be a number of growers you need to create contracts and deliveries with who are not currently listed on AgriDigital.

Follow the steps below to add the grower and their GRN to AgriDigital.

Before a grower can be added to AgriDigital, they must be added to your NGR Listing.

Add Grower to Your NGR Listing

  1. Log in to myNGR account by clicking on the below image.

  2. Once logged into your account, type the complete GRN into the "Search for GRN" field and press Enter or select the "Magnifying Glass" icon.

  3. The details should appear in the search results below the search bar. Locate the grower's company details and then select "+Add" from the column on the right-hand side under "Action" heading.

  4. Confirm the listing by selecting the "Tick".

The GRN has now been added to your Listings and the associated information can be downloaded or viewed as required.

Add Grower to Your AgriDigital Account

Now that the grower's details are included in your Listing on NGR, they can be added to AgriDigital.

💡Note: A grower who does not have a GRN from NGR cannot be added to AgriDigital and it is not possible to create a Contract, Delivery, Invoice or Payment for that grower.

In this instance, suggest the grower joins NGR. Registration is free for all growers and it provides a secure and streamlined registration process using a single delivery card. These cards can be used across Australia for Deliveries to a number of sites, marketers and traders.​

To add the grower to your AgriDigital account, login and follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the Transactions feature within the Settings module

  2. The body of the page will then display three tabs: Contracts, Payments and Customers.
    Select Customers.

  3. If your company does not have their NGR API credentials saved, a prompt will appear requesting these details. Select this prompt, and you will be directed to input your NGR Customer ID and Password; Once finished, select "submit".

  4. Once a company does have their NGR API credentials saved, a user can select "Sync NGR Records" on the Customers tab.


All GRN's within your NGR Listing will now be available on AgriDigital meaning contracts, deliveries, invoices & payments can now be contracted with all growers listed.

💡Note: Each time a new GRN is added to your NGR Listing, the sync with AgriDigital will need to be performed so new information is updated.

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