How to post a cash price
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As a buyer, AgriDigital allows you to set a price that you are willing to pay for a particular grade of a commodity instead of creating an individual contract with each individual client. This works such that when you create/process a delivery, a contract is then automatically generated and saved with the price that you have set.

You can post cash prices either individually or in bulk.

Posting cash prices individually

To post cash prices individually, follow these simple steps:

  1. Click on the Prices feature in the Transaction Module, click on the green 'New Price' button at the top right of screen.

  2. Now, you can create a new cash price by filling the required fields, and pressing the green 'create price' button at the bottom of the page.

To set a quantity limit for the cash price, enter a value in the 'Quantity' field. Growers will be unable to deliver onto the cash price once the quantity for that cash price has been filled.

You can also specify a Start date and End date.
For more information on how to schedule cash prices to automatically activate and deactivate on a particular dates is available at Scheduling Cash Prices.

Posting cash prices in bulk

For information on how to create cash prices in bulk please refer to our link here, Using the Cash Price File Upload Template

​Important Disclaimers

It is important to note that a cash price will only be matched to a particular commodity if the season, grade, and location of the delivered product matches what you have outlined when creating a new price.
Furthermore, should you wish to terminate/change a price that you have created, you must do so manually by cancelling the current price that you have set for the commodity.

For more information on how to change a price, refer Manually deactivating an Existing Cash Price.

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