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Sending Invoice Notifications (Share Invoice)
Sending Invoice Notifications (Share Invoice)
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Relevant to: Buyers

Navigation Tree: Transactions > Invoices > Options menu > Share Invoice

The 'Share Invoice' feature allows you to:

  • Re-send an Invoice notification to the contract counterparty contact

  • Send email notification to additional recipients who are connected to the counterparty organization.

Here's a few steps to send your email notifications:

  1. Add your email recipient to Connections (if not already done so) as they must be associated with the relevant counterparty Organization. See here for more details on how to add a New Organization.

  2. Select the Invoice you wish to send new notifications for

  3. Click the ‘Share invoice’ button from the Options drop-down menu to add your recipients

  4. Select the recipients you wish to send the Invoice notification email and hit SEND


5. The recipient/s receive an email notification as shown below. In this email they can click the link to view the Invoice.

Watch our demo video below:

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