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What is AgriDigital Consignments?
What is AgriDigital Consignments?
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AgriDigital Consignments enable simple, easy and centralised management of the agri-commodity exporting and import process including international contracting, document creation, management and distribution, container & logistics management, inventory tracking, asset delivery, invoicing and payments.

The common export/import documents that AgriDigital support as standard documents that are created and populated by the platform include:

  • Packing list

  • Packing list (net weight)

  • Packing instruction

  • Packing declaration certificate

  • Export compliance record

  • Fumigation certificate

  • Fumigation certificate (Methyl Bromide)

  • Certificate of weight

  • Beneficiary certificate

  • Health certificate

  • Chemical residue certificate

  • Quality certificate

  • Non-GMO Certificate

  • Forward instruction

  • Shipment notification certificate

  • Shipment advice

  • Insurance confirmation

  • Plus any others customers request

AgriDigital also supports to central management of the following documents that are created by external providers:

  • Booking confirmation+

  • Certificate of origin

  • Import permit

  • Pre-receival advice (PRA)

  • Container approval record

  • Request for permit (RFP)

  • Phytosanitary certificate

  • Fumigation certificate (external)

  • Bill of lading

  • Plus any others customers request

To see how AgriDigital Consignments works, check out the first article in the process: What to do before starting a new Consignment

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