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How can I reconcile a Buyer's negative inventory at my site?
How can I reconcile a Buyer's negative inventory at my site?
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After transferring inventory, the application of shrink can sometimes mean that buyers' inventory can go into the negative on the platform.

If the Buyer has inventory across multiple grades/seasons at your site, you can re-grade or re-season this stock to reconcile.

If this is their only stock for a particular commodity, you will need to reconcile by either:

  1. Creating a Receival to Bulk Inventory Delivery under the Buyer's name to square off the negative; or​

  2. Creating a Bin to Bin Order using your shrink bin for the relevant commodity/Season/Site/Location.​

💡 Note: This may also occur if a grower decides to out-turn their own grain. Please refer to this article on how to transfer grain that is warehoused and out-turned by the same grower.

To create a Receival (Inventory) Delivery:

1. Navigate to Storage > Deliveries and select 'New Delivery';

2. Ensure the type is 'Receival' and you select 'Bulk Inventory' in the 'delivered to' field;

3. Enter the Buyer as the 'Supplier';

4. Enter the necessary reconciled amount (taking Tare weight into account - this must be entered to complete the delivery);

5. Finish entering in all required fields (marked by an *) and then complete the delivery.

You will now no longer see this Buyer's inventory within Storage > Inventory > Ownership.

For a Bin to Bin Order, the steps to reconcile are:

1. Navigate to Storage > Orders.
Create a Bin to Bin Order for the negative quantity amount, with the shrink bin of the commodity in question to another bin within the same Site and Location.
The Order will now be in an 'Awaiting Deliveries' state;

2. Select 'Create Delivery' directly from the Order and deliver against it.
This will then 'credit' your inventory position in your Transaction Account by the chosen quantity.

3. To transfer this Delivery to the buyer you will need a Contract.
Navigate to Transactions > Contracts and Create a FIS contract for $0 with the buyer.

4. On the Contract, click the 'Transfer Inventory' button in the top right hand corner OR navigate to Transactions > Inventory and select 'Bulk Transfer'.

Simply enter the commodity, season and Buyer, and select the inventory to transfer.

💡Note: You will need to enter in the Contract number to successfully complete this transfer.

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