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Create a new Bin Segregation (SO)
Create a new Bin Segregation (SO)
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New Deliveries received into an AgriDigital Site needs to be allocated to a Bin segregation. At least one Bin Segregation is needed to be created before Deliveries can be made to a site.

To create a new Bin Segregation:

Navigate to Settings > Storage > Bin Segregations and select “New Bin Segregation” button.

  1. Enter Bin information, including Details, Commodity and Unload points (non-mandatory);

  2. Click the green button, “Create Bin Segregation”, at the bottom of the form to be returned to the list of Bin Segregations where the new Bin and its details will be viewable.

💡Note: You are required to allocate each Bin Segregation at least one Unload Point, and you should therefore, create the Unload Point(s) prior to creating a Bin Segregation.

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