Weighbridge Integration: Port Troubleshooting

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AgriDigital must recognize at least one port on your computer in order to allow for weighbridge integration.

To troubleshoot a computer port issue, navigate to the Storage feature within the Settings module and select Integrations from the ribbon.

Select add/edit computer and you will be taken to a screen that is reflected in the two images below.

If your screen looks like Example A (no ports are listed), AgriDigital has not been able to recognize a port, and a user should follow the instructions below:

  1. Download the setup-com0com attachment.

  2. Follow the instructions until you reach the "Choose Components" screen. Select all option fields and continue installation.

  3. Once installed, a prompt will appear to "Finish" the setup. Select "Launch SetUp" and then click "Finish".

  4. You will now see the image below. Check the encircled boxes and select apply.

  5. Next, restart the AgriDigital app and navigate to Settings > Storage > Integrations and Select add/edit computer. Note: You can only register one computer.

  6. The ports circled below in blue should now be displayed below the Ports field. Select the same "Device configuration" for each port. Select "Register Computer"/"Update Computer".

Weighbridge Connectivity Issues

If you are having connectivity issues with your Weighbridge to the AgriDigital Electron App please use the AgriDigital Weighbridge Diagnostics Tool

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