Weighbridge Integration: Setup Overview Checklist

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πŸ’‘This integration is only available for our subscribed network.

The AgriDigital platform can automatically record and publish data from your weighbridge to a Delivery. This is one of our many initiatives to enable automation throughout the AgriDigital ecosystem.
Sequence to Integrate your weighbridge to the AgriDigital platform, are:

1. Physically connect the weighbridge scale head to your computer

The majority of scale heads will have a serial port (or similar port) on the back of the device. This scale head will need to be connected to your computer via wire to wire.

Some legacy devices may not have this required port, the most efficient fix is to purchase a new port head. This will cost between $1,500 - $2,000 AUS Dollars;


If you have any questions regarding the connection between the scale head and your computer we recommend contacting your weighbridge installer or one of the local weighbridge companies listed below.

2. Download the AgriDigital Electron/Desktop App (see link)

The AgriDigital platform is now available via the AgriDigital Electron/Desktop App.
The App will also have some exclusive features not available via the website, such as the Weighbridge Integration feature.

3. Configure your Device (see link)

The configuration process allows your computer to transfer the weighbridge data from the port head to AgriDigital.

4. Register your Computer (see link)

This is the last step to finalise the integration.
​5. Collect live Data (see link)

You're now ready to capture live weighbridge data from the Deliveries form via the AgriDigital Electron/Desktop App.

πŸš› Sample list: Diverseco β€’ Nuweigh Australia β€’ Rinstrum β€’ Mettler Toledo β€’ Kelba

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