AgriDigital Electron/Desktop App for Weighbridge Operations

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What is the AgriDigital Electron/Desktop App?

AgriDigital is a web-based platform that users can access on their desktop, tablets and mobile devices.

The AgriDigital Electron/Desktop App offers seamless access to the AgriDigital Platform on Windows computers. All users are able to download the App as it has the full capabilities of accessing the website.

Weighbridge Integration

The App will also have some exclusive features not available via the website, such as the Weighbridge Integration Feature (link).

The App will automatically update if you have installed a version published from the 20 October 2023.
Ensure your computer is running a 64-bit operating system, as this App will not be able to be downloaded, if this is the case, you will need to upgrade your system before proceeding.

πŸš› Download/Upgrade to v1.0.2 here: AgriDigital Electron/Desktop App

How to install the AgriDigital Electron/Desktop App

From your computer connected to your weighbridge complete the following.

1. Click on the AgriDigital Electron/Desktop App link above and it will begin to download;

2. Click on the downloaded file once processed;

3. Click on file and this will open up;

4. When installing, it is possible to receive a warning. To proceed, click 'More Info' and 'Run anyway'. You may need to change your settings if the 'Run anyway' option is not available. Select 'warn' or 'off' on the 'disable blocking of potential harmful apps' on Windows.

5. Once installed you'll be able to view the AgriDigital Electron/Desktop App version on your PC.

6. Run the AgriDigital Electron/Desktop App / shortcut and pin this to your Start menu or taskbar for easy access.

Handy keyboard shortcuts
1. Shortcut Ctrl+P or Alt+P opens "Print"

2. Shortcut Ctrl+R or Alt+R or F5 refreshes the view
3. The menu only appears when Alt is pressed in order to minimize impact

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