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Weighbridge Integration using the AgriDigital Electron/Desktop App
Weighbridge Integration: Common Factors Leading to Failed Integration
Weighbridge Integration: Common Factors Leading to Failed Integration
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If you are experiencing issues connecting your weighbridge to AgriDigital, please try the following in an attempt to fix the problem:

  1. Incorrect baud rate configuration for specific weighbridges

    1. Weighbridge set to 9600 baud but integration expects 115200 baud

    2. Baud rate mismatch even after changing settings

  2. Data format incompatibility

    1. Weighbridge using proprietary binary format, integration requires JSON/XML

    2. Weighbridge appending extra characters, requiring index adjustment

  3. Network connectivity issues

    1. Weighbridge unable to connect due to cabling, drivers or configuration

    2. Intermittent connectivity dropping connection during use

  4. App and driver installation problems

    1. Errors installing app or drivers on PC

    2. Weighbridge drivers needing reinstallation after PC upgrades

  5. Authentication errors

    1. Incorrect or outdated API keys used for weighbridge data transfer

  6. Data transmission delays

    1. Over 500ms between weight values causing capture issues

  7. Parsing failures

    1. Integration unable to parse weights due to unexpected characters

    2. Weights containing incorrect number of digits due to truncation

If you still are not able to get your weighbridge connected successfully, please contact AgriDigital Support providing the following details:

  1. Screenshot of your wieghbridge settings in AgriDigital

  2. Name and model of your weighbridge

  3. Your PC specifications for the PC being used to connect to the weighbridge

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