Dashboard for Buyers
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Dashboard overview

Depending on your level of access, on your dashboard you have an overview of:

  • Trading

  • Reports

  • Accounting Integration

Trading Tab

In the trading tab, you have an overview of your recent and upcoming trades:

  • Undelivered contract quantity by month (mt)
    Tonnes in the positive are undelivered on a sale contract, and tonnes in the negative are undelivered on a purchase contract.

  • Position by commodity
    Your inventory position across all sites you currently hold grain, broken down by commodity. These coloured bars can go into the negative if more tonnes are sold than those you own or have purchased.

  • Position by grade

  • Open Contracts and Inventory
    This is where you can see all your open contracts alongside your current inventory


Reports Tab

Depending on your access level type, In the Reports tab you have an overview of:

  • Deliveries due for payment report

  • Post payment report

  • Post payment deduction report

  • Levies report

  • Deliveries due for sale invoice report

  • Sale invoice report

  • Ages debtors by week ($)

  • DAWR Levy report

  • Organisations report

  • Credit Limit report

  • P&L report

  • Expense accrual report

  • Inventory Adjustments Report

  • Inventory Activity Report

  • Inventory Reconciliation Reoirt

  • Purchase Deliveries

  • In-Progress Sale Deliveries


Accounting Integration Tab

In the Accounting Integration tab, you have an overview of:

  • Xero Purchases, Sales & Errors

  • MYOB Purchases & Sales

Depending on the level of your access you can export and integrate the data within the account software

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