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How do I view my Credit Positions?
How do I view my Credit Positions?
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Relevant to: Buyers

Navigation tree: Connections > Organizations > Detail Screen

Credit limits allow for you to track your exposure to contracted counterparties.

To view your credit exposure to counterparties and to set credit limits, navigate to an Organization's detail screen. On an Organisation's detail screen, the following metrics will be displayed (refer numbering on annotated image below).

  1. Credit Limit = Credit limit as specified by user. The credit limit is for guidance purposes and will not warn or prevent you from exceeding the set limit when entering into transactions. To add a Credit Limit, select the 'Add Limit' button on within the credit position tool.

  2. Unpaid deliveries value = Total value of all unpaid deliveries onto Sale Contracts

  3. Undelivered contracts = Undelivered open Sale Contract value (excl. tolerance) *

  4. Undelivered orders = Undelivered open Order value (excl. tolerance) **

  5. Percentage = [Unpaid Delivery Value] / [Credit Limit]

* Value includes Sale Contracts only and does not net against open Purchase Contracts. The value is calculated only using the base grade price at the primary location, the quantity is without any tolerances applied and carry is not considered.

** Only applies to open Orders with a Sale Contract as the destination

Credit Position

Additional Notes:

'Open' refers to Contracts and Orders that are either Awaiting Deliveries, In Progress, or Unfulfilled status.

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