Orders for Buyers
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View and create orders in AgriDigital.

View Orders.

To view an order, follow these simple steps:

  1. Click on “Orders” in the navigation panel;

  2. You can now see a list of data that is sorted by date. It also displays:

  • An Order Number

  • Commodity

  • Origin type

  • Origin location

  • Origin grade

  • Destination type

  • Destination location

  • Destination grade

  • Quantity delivered

  • Start Date

  • End Date


Downloading Orders.

You can download your orders to a PDF.

  1. Click the contract that you wish to download it will open a PDF image.

  2. Download the PDF.

Create an out turn order.

  1. Under Inventory, Click on “New Order”

  2. Fill in the Order Details

  3. In Origin, select “Inventory” as Type, and select your Location. Ensure that you have your Location selected to select your Destination type or it will not allow appropriate fields to be completed.

  4. In Destination, select “Reference” as Type

  5. Fill in the other information as required

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