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Relevant to: Growers & Unsubscribed Buyers

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As a grower and unsubscribed buyer, you will have the opportunity to register an account with AgriDigital when you enter into a contract with, or deliver your produce to a buyer that uses our services.

Upon entering into a contract/performing a delivery, you will receive an email notification from the buyer that will contain a link to setup your AgriDigital account.

To setup your account:

1. Click on the link provided in the latest email received from AgriDigital. You will be asked to set a password and then to confirm that password. (your account username is your email address).

2. Once you have entered the passwords click the green arrow. You will now have an activated AgriDigital account and will be asked to login again. Enter your username (which is your email) and your newly created password. You will then gain access to the AgriDigital platform where you will be able to view your newly created contract, new delivery details or invoice.

3. Shortly after you have logged in for the first time you will receive a welcome email from AgriDigital, highlighting the login page address for your reference and where you can access support if required.

Note: If you cannot locate your welcome email, you are able to follow the forgotten password steps to create an account.

You must make sure you are using the latest email you have received from AgriDigital to create your account. If you have multiple contracts or deliveries in AgriDigital you may have received more than one email, only the latest email will still be active.

We recommend using Google Chrome for the best user experience.

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