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How to View your Backdated Inventory Positions
How to View your Backdated Inventory Positions
Updated over a week ago

Relevant to: Buyers & Site Operators
Navigation tree: Transactions > Inventory & Storage > Inventory > Ownership

Buyers can now access an Inventory Position Report on a specified past date for their Transactions Inventory list as well as the Storage Ownership Inventory list.

This management feature will allow users to easily capture their EOM positions for reporting.

Where is the feature located?

Within the Transactions Module, navigate to Transactions > Inventory screen ensure you are on the 'System Default' preset then click on the white button titled ‘Inventory Displayed’ (see below).

Within the Storage Module, navigate to Inventory > Ownership and the white button will be located in the same position as it is in the Transactions Inventory screen (as below screen shot).

How does this feature work?

Once you click the 'Inventory Displayed' button and select the past date you wish to view your inventory at, you will be redirected back to the Inventory list screen which has been updated with the inventory balances as at Close of Business on the date selected. This screen is now ready to be exported into a report format.


Note: This will display the historic position, taken at the end of the selected day. Any reversals, deletions or backdated deliveries made after the date selected will also be accounted for in this backdated position.

Once this inventory list page has been reset via the 'reset' button or exited, the current live data will update so next time the page is entered it will detail today's inventory values.

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