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Delivering onto an Ex-Farm contract into inventory - Storage Delivery
Delivering onto an Ex-Farm contract into inventory - Storage Delivery
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Relevant to: Site Operators

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There are two methods to create a delivery onto an Ex-Farm contract for subscribed AgriDigital users:

  1. A Storage delivery, created by a Site Operator who uses the AgriDigital platform (detailed below)

  2. A Transactions delivery, created by a Buyer at a Site Operator who doesn't use the AgriDigital platform (please see Delivering onto an ExFarm Contract - Transactions Delivery)

When a subscribed AgriDigital trader wants to connect their purchase ex-farm contract to inventory at an AgriDigital site, an order contract (origin) to inventory (destination) must be used.

The following steps will guide you through this process:

  1. Buyer creates purchase ex-farm contract. The Buyer will arrange freight and logistics to pick up the grain ExFarm as per normal, (during the contract delivery period)

  2. Buyer will create a Transaction order with ex-farm contract as origin and AgriDigital site as destination.

  3. This order will appear in the Site operators Storage orders list screen. When this truck arrives at the site, the Site Operator creates a new delivery onto this order. This delivery will be "Buyer Receival (Order)" in the Storage module.

  4. The "Supplier" field of the delivery form should be set as the buyer of the grain (i.e. the buyer who created the Ex-Farm purchase contract as the title of the grain is now in their ownership).

  5. When the storage delivery is completed onto the order, the Buyer's inventory will be credited and the ex-farm contract will have the delivery applied to it.

The deliveries can be viewed as follows:

  • The Buyer will see both deliveries, (a) and (b) in their Transaction module

  • The Site Operator will see just the "Buyer Receival" delivery, (a), in their Storage module

  • The Grower will see the "Purchase Delivery", (b) in their Transactions module

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