Adding new grade specifications
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Grade specifications can be selected within your Contract form to display quality parameters and an alternative full grade name.

To add new Grade Specifications to the system, follow a few steps:

1. Navigate to Grade Specifications within Settings;

2. Select the green 'New Grade Specifications' button;

3. Add a specification name (this will not display on your contract, it is purely for your reference);

4. Select Commodity and Grade. This means you will only be able to select this Grade Specification on a Contract for the Commodity and Grade selected. It will also determine the quality specifications you can enter.

5. Enter a Full Grade Name. This will be displayed in a 'Specifications' section on your Contract.

6. Select a Variety or Varieties for the grade specification to be applied specifically.

7. Enter the Quality Parameters for your specific grade. (Units most commonly used in the industry, as per GTA standards, are automatically displayed on the Contract form).

8. Select 'Save' to confirm your new Grade Specification.


Example: Canola Grade Specification with Quality Parameters

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