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How do I minimise entry of incorrect qualities on deliveries?
How do I minimise entry of incorrect qualities on deliveries?
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Users can set warnings on the storage delivery form for quality values entered that are outside of an expected range, to assist in preventing accidental input into the incorrect field.

For example, users creating a wheat delivery may accidentally enter a Falling Number of '300' into the moisture field which would typically be a much smaller number, or may accidentally enter an extra '0' at the end of an value such as '130' in the protein quality field instead of '13'.

To prevent this, Organizations can create Grade Specifications and specify min/max ranges on a per commodity basis.

Once the grade specification has been created, users creating storage deliveries will be warned if they enter a value outside of the expected range.

For example, consider an Organization has the following grade specification for Wheat:


Grade Specifications

Users creating storage deliveries for wheat will see a warning if they enter a quality value on the form that is outside of these ranges. The warning is for guidance purposes only and users can choose to proceed with the entered value(s) and complete the delivery if they wish, regardless if it is outside of the range.


Range warnings on storage delivery form

What if I have more than one grade specification for a single commodity?

If an Organization has multiple grade specifications for a single commodity, AgriDigital will adopt the union of the quality ranges for that commodity on the storage delivery form.

AgriDigital will take the minimum minimum and the maximum maximum values. For example, consider Grade Spec 1 has protein min 10 and max 13.5, while Grade Spec 2 has protein min 9 and max 12.5, the system will adopt min 9 and max 13.5 as the warning ranges.

Why do I need to specify a grade when creating a grade specification?

Grade Specifications are a shared feature used by contracts, consignments and the warnings on the storage delivery form. In the future, AgriDigital will be able to auto-calculate the grade on the storage delivery form based on the specifications pre-set by the Organization. In the interim, AgriDigital will treat all ranges specified in Grade Specifications as applying to that commodity, and will take the union of those specifications (minimum minimum and maximum maximum), regardless of the grade specified by the Organization when creating the Grade Specification.

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