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How to select a grade specification on a contract
How to select a grade specification on a contract
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Navigation: Transactions > Contracts > New Contract

First, ensure you have generated a grade specification for your required Grade within settings. See here for details on how to add new specifications.

To Display Grade Specifications on your Contract, follow a few steps:

1. Open a New Contract form

2. Enter your Contract details, including Commodity and Grade.

3. In the 'Commodity' section of the Contract form, a new field 'Display Grade Specifications' will appear when a Commodity, Grade combination is selected AND you have a Grade Specification saved for this exact combination in Settings.

4. Create Contract and the Grade Specifications and Full Grade Name will display in a new 'Specifications' section of the Contract.


NOTE: If the 'Display Grade Specifications' field (displayed below) does not show once the Grade is selected, you may not have a grade specification saved. Please check in Settings > Account > Grade Specifications and add a new one if required.

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