Grade spread adjustments
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Relevant to: Buyers
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When creating a Contract for a given commodity, a buyer will set their desired price for a particular base grade.

Following this, the buyer has the option of adding additional grades to the Contract - with each grade having a spread that is added to the price of the base grade.

For instance, in a wheat Contract, a buyer may set the base grade of APW1 at $200 per tonne, and then add a spread for ASW1 of -$5.

This means that, should the growers wheat delivery be determined to have an ASW1 grade, the price that the buyer is obliged to pay per tonne will be adjusted to $195 (for that delivery).

Editing a spread on a Contract

If you need to edit a spread on a Contract that is 'in progress' you will need to cancel any Invoices and reverse all Deliveries, in order for the Contract to be edited. Otherwise, you will see the spread field greyed out and unable to be changed.

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