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How to transfer warehouse deliveries onto a cash price (Grower & SO)
How to transfer warehouse deliveries onto a cash price (Grower & SO)
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As a grower

To transfer your warehoused deliveries onto an active cash price at an AgriDigital site, you can complete this transaction two ways:

From the Transactions > Prices list

    1. Go to Transactions > Prices and click on the price you wish to transfer against.

    2. The transfer details will be automatically selected according to the selected cash price.

    3. The deliveries list below the transfer screen show the available warehoused deliveries you can select to transfer to the Buyer.

    4. Once you have selected or split the deliveries you wish to transfer, you will need to confirm to total tonnes you are transferring.

    5. A contract will automatically be created in your account for this transfer to the Buyer. You will be able to check your transfers against the cash price by going to Transactions > Contracts and sorting by the 'date' column.

      From Transactions > Inventory

      1. From your list of inventory, hit the 'Warehouse Transfer' button in the top right of the screen.

      2. Select transfer type 'Cash', the location of your warehoused deliveries and the grade. You will then be able to see the drop down of cash bids you can transfer against.


As a site operator on behalf of a grower:

From Storage > Prices list

  1. To transfer grower warehoused tickets onto a cash price at your site, simply navigate to the Prices list and select the Buyer's price.

  2. Select the Grower's entity name and the appropriate deliveries that can be transferred to this price will appear. Once the appropriate deliveries are selected and / or split, hit Transfer Deliveries.

  3. These transfers will appear in your Storage > Dashboard > Transfer report.

2. From Inventory > Ownership

Refer to this article.

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