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I've made an incorrect Grower Transfer onto Cash or Contract
I've made an incorrect Grower Transfer onto Cash or Contract
Updated over a week ago

Use this guide if you have made a mistake with a transfer onto a cash price or contract

In this scenario the delivery will need to be reversed from the Buyers account.

Steps to help

  1. First, determine who the buyer is and obtain the delivery number from your AgriDigital delivery screen.

  2. Contact the buyer to ensure they are aware that this reversal is about to take place as a result of incorrect information on the delivery.

  3. To perform the reversal, navigate to the buyer account

    1. Navigate to Transactions > Deliveries

    2. Using the search bar, search for the delivery number.

    3. Click into the delivery details screen and select options in the top right hand corner and select "Reverse Delivery"

    4. If this is a Receival (Cash) delivery the delivery will be placed into "in-progress" status.

      1. From here, you, or the site operator staff can make the required changes.

    5. If the delivery is a Receival (Warehouse) delivery, once it is reversed the delivery will be placed back in "Warehouse".

      1. From here you, the site operator staff or grower can transfer the delivery onto the correct contract / cash price with the required changes made first.

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