Create and edit bank details
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Relevant to: Buyers
Navigation tree: Settings > Account > Bank Accounts

Buyers can create and edit their company bank details by executing the following:

  1. Navigate to the Accounts feature within the Settings module and select Bank Details from the ribbon;​


  2. Select the prompt to add your bank account information;


  3. Once selected, you will be required to provide the following: Account Name, Account Number and Currency;

  4. If desired, select '✅ Set as default>?' and Save.

Foreign Currency

To be able to transact in a currency other than AUD, new bank details with the nominated foreign currency will need to be added by following the steps above and selecting a foreign currency ie $USD.

In the foreign exchange section in a Contract, the available currency options will show based on those reflected in the bank details section. ​

💡Note: Multiple bank accounts can be added to AgriDigital. The initial entry will automatically be set as the default until the user manually switches the default to another account.

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