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Notifying sellers about Contract creation
Notifying sellers about Contract creation
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When a buyer creates a Contract, AgriDigital automatically sends a notification email to the seller.

Contract notifications

The contract notifications will be sent to the grower's email address that is associated to the NGR number and who is the primary contact on the NGR account. These email notifications provide you with a link to easily view the created contract or RCTI.

Users not Logged into AgriDigital

  • When you receive an email notification with a contract or invoice, it will contain a public link** for that document.

  • Clicking the link will take you to a clean, read-only view of that contract or invoice.

  • From there, you can view details, print, or download a PDF without logging in.

  • To access additional account features like deliveries, inventory, and pricing, you can click to login to log into your account.

Users logged into AgriDigital

  • If you are already logged into AgriDigital and click the link, you will be taken directly to the authenticated view of that contract or invoice.

  • You will be able to see the full details as permitted by your account permissions.

The one unsupported scenario is:

  • If you are logged in and do NOT already have permission to view the specific contract or invoice, you will be taken to the documents list view rather than the actual document. This maintains permission integrity in the system.

  • In this case, you can open the link in a private window to view the read-only Easy Access version.

This email contains a public link** so the counterparty can view the invoice without needing to log into the platform.

Please see below for a sample of the email text a seller receives after the buyer creates the Contract.

πŸ’‘Note: there is a 24 hour period for the seller to reply if they
think there is an error with what was agreed.

** A public link is a special URL that takes the user to a safe, view-only version of an individual contract. Anyone with access to the public link can view the contract and it can be shared with anyone.

Watch our demo video below:

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