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How to re-season your inventory
How to re-season your inventory
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Relevant to: Buyers

Navigation Tree: Transactions > Orders

Under certain circumstances, a buyer may need to re-season their inventory. Re-seasoning inventory is simply updating your inventory's season. For example, a site operator has re-seasoned the inventory from 2016/17 to 2017/18 so a buyer updates their corresponding inventory to reflect the change. To re-season inventory on AgriDigital's platform execute the following:

1. Navigate to the Orders feature within the Transactions module and select "new order".

2. Create a stock swap by entering an inventory to inventory order. Select the following links to learn the definition of a stock swap/swap differential and how to create a stock swap. Both the Origin and Destination should be given the same location.


3. Select the field marking this as a stock swap and input 0 for the stock differential.

4. Once the order has been saved, navigate to the Deliveries feature within the Transactions module and select "new delivery".

5. Create a delivery that is linked to the order generated in step 2. This order will appear in the drop down list.

Once the delivery has been successfully created and marked as "Transferred", the relevant inventory will updated to the current season. This change can be viewed in the Inventory feature within the Transactions module.

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