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How do I re-season/re-grade inventory? (SO’s)
How do I re-season/re-grade inventory? (SO’s)
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The following steps describe the process for a Site Operator to re-grade/re-season their Buyer’s and Grower's inventory at their site(s).

As the manager of this stock, the permission of this process sits with the Site Operator.

If you require your inventory to be re-graded and/or re-seasoned at an AgriDigital site, you will need to request the site to complete this process for you.

Re-grading and re-seasoning Inventory (for Buyers)

  1. Navigate to the Storage > Inventory > Ownership tab;​

  2. Go into the Buyer’s inventory that needs to be updated;​

  3. Hit the ‘Edit inventory’ button on the top right-hand side of the screen;​

  4. Enter the new grade and/or season and quantity of stock to be updated;​

  5. Confirm the change of this stock by hitting the ‘Update inventory’ button;​

  6. You can now see the movement which will be displayed as ‘re-grade’ or ‘re-season’;​

  7. optional step: you may notice that even though your re-grade/re-season has successfully completed, your bins do not automatically deduct the adjusted inventory.

    So a further step to square up your bin inventory is to complete a bin to bin order, you can follow these steps to clean up your segregations.​

🔴 Important

The W/A FIS price of the stock is re-calculated based on the inventory price that is detailed in this article.

💡Note: there is no reverse action for this process. If you require to reverse the change made to the inventory, you will need to re-adjust the inventory by following the process above again.

If you are wanting to re-grade your stock at an unsubscribed site, please refer to the following article here.

How do I re-season and re-grade inventory? (for Grower's)

  1. Navigate to the Storage > Deliveries and search for your Grower's Warehoused tickets for those that need editing;

  2. Click on 3 dots and select 'Edit Delivery';

  3. This will then open up the details for the warehouse ticket to be edited so you can update the Season and/or Grade on this ticket, once done, select the green 'Update' button, to save your changes;

  4. Once done, you can navigate back to your Storage > Inventory > Ownership to view your Grower's Inventory that has been adjusted.​

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