Who can see my cash price?
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Relevant to: Buyers

Navigation tree: Transactions > Prices

This depends on the owner of the Site at which the cash price is posted. If the Site Owner is an AgriDigital user with their sites' pricing public, the users connected to the site operator can view the price you post in 'All Prices'.

Additionally, growers will be able to view any prices posted by buyers they have a connection with.

When creating a cash price, you can quickly and easily distinguish between sites that use AgriDigital as they have an AgriDigital symbol next to their name in the 'Location' field on the cash price form.

Growers will also be able to deliver directly onto the cash price at the time they deliver to the site.

NB: Posting cash prices at non-AgriDigital sites will not automatically notify the Site Operator that the cash price has been posted and it is the responsibility of the buyer posting the cash price to contact them directly.

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