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How do I create an external Tax Invoice?
How do I create an external Tax Invoice?
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What is an external Tax Invoice?

To reconcile your purchase deliveries with the invoice you have received from your counterparty, subscribed AgriDigital users can use the External Invoice feature to replicate the paid invoice and mark those deliveries as paid.

How do I create an external Tax Invoice?

1. Navigate to Transaction > Invoices and hit the 'New External Tax Invoice' button.

2. Enter the invoice details. The deliveries that appear will be filtered by the Seller and ordered by your purchase Contracts with this Seller.

3. Select the deliveries that are specified on the invoice received from your counterparty. AgriDigital will calculate the expected value of these deliveries. If this does not match the value of the invoice, you can enter can actual invoice total to ensure these invoices are aligned.

4. Enter the bank details of the counterparty which is on the invoice. The currency will default to AUD however can be changed to any other currency as reflected on the invoice.

5. Select the 'Mark as paid?' tick box if applicable and hit create.

6. Once the external invoice has been created, the invoice number specified in the form will appear in the Xero purchase report.

💡Note: Similarly to a sales Tax Invoice, once the invoice has been marked as paid, it cannot be edited. If you wish to edit an unpaid external Tax Invoice, you will need to cancel the Invoice and create a new Invoice with the revised details.

Where can I find my unpaid purchase deliveries?

If you wish to see all unpaid purchase deliveries, navigate to the Payments > Delivery payments tab and create a new preset with the following filters.

This will show you all uninvoiced and invoiced but unpaid deliveries.

To learn more on the Delivery Payments tab and editing Delivery due dates click here.

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