Printing RCTI statements
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Relevant to: Buyers and Growers

Navigation tree: Transactions > Invoices

As well as being a convenient place to store and view your RCTI statements online, AgriDigital allows users a fast and easy option to print invoices.
For more information on how to print RCTI statements, simply follow the instructions below.
Navigating to your desired invoice and printing:

  1. You will first need to navigate to the invoice you wish to print. To do this, click on the Invoices feature of the Transactions module in the Navigation panel. You should now be viewing a list of all your invoices

  2. Click on the invoice that you wish to print

  3. Now that you're viewing your invoice, you should be able to see a 'print' button at the top right of screen. Simply click this button and follow the prompts to print

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