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Interpreting an RCTI statement
Interpreting an RCTI statement
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This article will help you, as a grower and supplier of an agricultural commodity, to read and interpret your online Recipient Created Tax Invoice Statements (RCTI).

For information on how to find your RCTI statements that are linked to your AgriDigital account, please see Viewing an RCTI.

Your RCTI statement can be broken down into four components:

  1. Title and General Information
    At the top of the RCTI Statement you will see all the general information pertaining to the transaction including the date the invoice was created, your counter party (buyer) details, and your business details (ABN, NGR, and your share of ownership if you are a share farm).

  2. Description of Taxable Supplies
    The description of taxable supplies includes the details of the deliveries that pertain to the payment you have received. Furthermore, this section indicates the contract number to which these deliveries have been transferred. At the bottom of this section you will see a subtotal, GST calculation, and then Total value of taxable supplies before deductions.

  3. Deductions
    The deductions section of your RCTI shows the values of all the deductions from your payment. This will include any levies and end point royalties that you have paid.

  4. Amount Deposited
    The final section of your RCTI will include the details of the final payment that has been deposited in your bank account. This section also includes your bank details for your reference.

GST Calculations on your RCTI

  • Under the Description of Taxable Supplies section of the invoice, calculation of GST will depend on the growers GST situation. If "Don't add Tax" is selected on the contract the GST will not be calculated here.

  • Under the Deductions section of the invoice, the GST will always be calculated as these payments are managed by the Royalty Manager who are GST registered.

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