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Previewing and Generating a New Payment File
Previewing and Generating a New Payment File
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Generating a payment performs two key tasks:

  1. Retrieves all un-invoiced deliveries made by growers (grower deliveries) with a payment due date up to the 'Payment date' specified when the payment is created, and generates a single payment (ABA) file for the payment of all of those deliveries, regardless of the counterparty.

  2. Generates RCTIs for any un-invoiced grower deliveries. All un-invoiced grower deliveries with a single counterparty are grouped onto a single RCTI, regardless if their deliveries are spread across multiple contracts.

Before generating a payment file and sending RCTIs to your growers, you can review these invoices and check which deliveries will be invoiced and all other invoice details, prior to issuing. Follow the steps below to learn how!


Steps to generating a new payment

1. Click New Payment.
Once selected, a prompt will appear requiring you to select a 'Payment Date'.

πŸ’‘Note: This date retrieves all un-invoiced deliveries made by growers (grower deliveries) with a payment due date up to the 'Payment date'. ​

2. A Payment Summary will be generated which includes the number of invoices, sum of deliveries on invoices and the total amount owed.


3. RCTIs linked to this payment have now been generated with an 'Unpaid' status and can be found in Transactions > Invoices. No notification has been sent to the grower at this point.

4. If there are changes you wish to make to the details of this payment, you can discard the draft payment by clicking the 'discard payment' in the drop down options box.
Once you have made the changes, you can then create another draft payment summary.

5. Once you are satisfied that the RCTIs are correct, you can 'Issue Invoices' by clicking the green button in the top right hand corner.
You will be asked to confirm this action, and then the payment will change to 'Unprocessed' status.


6. Download the CSV or ABA files by selecting the drop down menu on the right hand side.


7. Once you have upload the ABA file to your bank account and successfully paid these RCTIs, you can process them by clicking the green 'Process Payment' button.

8. An email notification will be sent to the growers notifying them that their RCTI has been paid.
All RCTI's on this payment file will be marked as 'Paid'.



πŸ’‘Note: Once the payment has been processed (paid out to growers), you cannot cancel the RCTI's or edit any details in the associated Deliveries or Contracts.

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