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Storage Inventory Dashboard
Storage Inventory Dashboard
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Relevant to: Storage Operators

Navigation Tree: Storage > Inventory

The Storage Inventory Details screen can be viewed when clicking on any individual location/bin in the Inventory feature of the Storage module.

There are three primary sections to this screen:

1) Inventory Movements

The Inventory Movements section shows a list of the inventory movements that have gone in or out of the bin, with the most recent movement at the top. The list includes the following details for each bin movement:

  • Date

  • Delivery No

  • Grade

  • Varying Quality Metrics

  • Movement Quantity (green arrow = inflow ; red arrow = outflow)

  • Quantity (represents the bins total quality after the related movement)

2) Quality History

The History section includes the current value for each of the bin's quality metrics (calculated using a weighted average), along with a corresponding sparkline that displays each metrics fluctuations over time. This sparkline will only include data that is displayed in the Inventory Movements list below - to increase the time frame a user can select "load more results" at the bottom of the list screen.

The last movements quality metrics are shown below the varying bin metrics. The variance between the latest movement and the bins weighted average for that metric are shown in parenthesis. The latest movements affect on the weighted average metric of each quality is indicated by a green/red arrow for positive/negative movements. A blue dash represents zero change.

3) Details

The Details section shows a gauge chart of the current state of the bin relative to its min and max values, displaying:

  1. Total metric tons in a bin

  2. The percentage of the total capacity taken up by the current quantity (see notes)

  3. Total capacity of the bin (see notes)

  4. The bin's location

  5. The bin's commodity

  6. The bin's primary grade


  1. If a bin has not been assigned a maximum quantity the max will be set at the current bin quantity level. The percentage of total capacity will not be shown in this scenario.

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