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What's in the Storage Dashboard?
What's in the Storage Dashboard?
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Relevant to: Site Operators
Navigation: Storage > Dashboard

Your Storage Dashboard is the best way for you to gain a high-level understanding of the inventory at your site as well as find in-depth reports on movement at your site. and

The dashboard has two tabs Operations and Reports.

Operations tab


The default date range is 7 days. You can change this by filtering - just click 'Filters' in the top left corner.

This tab consists of graphs to help give you a quick, easy understanding of the high-level activity at your site over a short period of time.

Total Inventory
This refers to the total inventory at your site in real time.

Inventory per Commodity per Site
This reflects the total inventory per commodity at your site in real time
(when downloaded to csv, this will also show bin segregations).

Delivery Volumes per Day/Site (mt)
This breaks down deliveries per day, over the last week. It is colour coded by Commodity and Out-turn/Receival.

Truck Information
Average time (mins) that trucks are on site per day.

Ownership per Commodity per Season
This breaks down owns quantities per location, commodity and season.

Warehouse Deliveries by Site/Commodity
This breaks down warehoused deliveries per site and commodity.

By hovering over any of the bars in the graph, you can find out specific information.

You can also download the data of any graph in an excel spreadsheet by hovering over the report and selecting the drop down menu in the top right hand corner.

For example, the Inventory per Commodity graph will give you a report of each commodity per site and per bin segregation.


Reports tab


The default date range is 30 days.
Like the Operations tab, you can do this by filtering - just click 'Filters' in the top left corner.

This tab consists of reports that you can view on the platform or download in an excel spreadsheet. These provide an in-depth analysis of your site, and data that may interest you from the last month.

Edit Inventory Report
This report details all re-grade, re-seasons and stock swaps that have been made at your site/s, including the user who made them.

Delivery Report
This lists all out-turn and receival deliveries at your site.

Trucks Overweight Report
This report includes any trucks that were reported overweight either out-turning or receiving grain.

Transfer Report
This lists all the deliveries that have been transferred on your site by a customer against a contract or a cash price.

Ownership Report
This report includes the quantity of grain owned by organisations at your site, per grade, season and commodity.

Quality Average per Location per Commodity
This report includes quality average data per location and commodity for Protein, Screenings, Test Weight, Moisture, Impurities, Oil and Defective readings.

Future Shrink Report
This report shows the shrink amount of all warehouse deliveries split by bin.

Packing Report
This report shows deliveries out-turned packing / containers for shipping.

Bin Movements Report
This report shows movements from a bin level capturing quality parameters.

Like the Operations tab, you can download these reports to an excel sheet by hovering over the report and selecting the drop down menu in the top right-hand corner.

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