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Dashboard filtering - Storage
Dashboard filtering - Storage
Updated over a week ago

Relevant to: Site Operators

Navigation tree: Storage > Dashboard

When viewing the graphs on your dashboard you can filter what data is displayed. Both Storage module dashboards (Inventory and Deliveries) can be filtered according to:

  • Inventory: Commodity and Sites

  • Deliveries: Commodity, Grade, Season, Segregation

To filter data you will need to:

  1. Click on the filter button located at the top left of screen

  2. After clicking the filter button, you can select what you wish to filter by by simply clicking on the desired field and then clicking the apply button which is to the bottom right of the filtering menu.


3. Please note, should you wish to remove filters, you will need to click on the filters button again, click the "x" next to the information you are currently filtering by, and then click the apply button once more.

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