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Template How To:

The AgriDigital Harvest Readiness Template is designed to give Site Operators a quick and easy place to upload all relevant bulk handling information and fee schedules required for any customers who will be engaging with your site this harvest season. These customers include growers, traders, freight companies, and more. There are four tabs to complete on the template:

  1. Shrink Rates

  2. Movement Fees

  3. Storage Fees

  4. Location Differential Rates

PLEASE NOTE: You are only required to provide information that is relevant to your Site's harvest operations, this means:

  • Only provide information for the commodities you plan on taking this harvest.

  • If a commodity listed is not relevant to you, please leave the row blank and move on to the next commodity.

  • Some example data has been included within the template headings to provide guidance on the format expected.

Important Q&A:

When is this due and why?

Templates must be completed and uploaded by September 19, 2023. Without this information ready to be uploaded by this date, there is a risk your site will not have the correct data in time for your first intake of grain.

What file format do I need to upload the template in?

The file must be uploaded in an XLSX. format.

Can I just upload our 2023/24 Storage & Handling Agreement and Fee Schedule?

If you have prepared a Storage & Handling Agreement and Fee Schedule for your site and would prefer to submit this instead of the template - please do so below prior to the due date specified.

What's next?

Your Site's data will be reviewed and processed. Once complete, a report outlining all harvest information for your site will be emailed for final review and sign-off.

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