Contracts for Growers
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View and perform actions on contracts

View your Contracts

  1. Click on “Contracts” in the navigation panel;

  2. You can now see a list of data that is sorted by date. It also displays:

    - Contract Number
    - Type
    - Price Basis
    - Counterparty
    - Location
    - Primary Grade
    - Quantity
    - Quantity remaining
    - Base Price
    - End Date


Downloading Contracts

You can download your Contract to a PDF or print a paper copy.

  1. Click the Contract that you wish to download or print;

  2. Select the printer icon if you wish to print to paper; or the PDF button to download this to a PDF for sending on email or saving on your PC.

Contracts and Warehoused Deliveries

If your Contract has been created within the AgriDigital platform you can transfer a warehoused delivery via the Contract page.

  1. View an In Progress Contract and click the green 'New Transfer' button.

  2. Data will be pre-filled on the transfer form ready for the transfer to take place.



If your Contract was created outside the AgriDigital platform, you will need to this via the Deliveries screen. Instructions on how to complete this is available here.

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