View and Export your Data
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Customise, simplify and organise your data.

Creating a preset view.

This allows you to add and remove columns of information that may or may not be useful to you. Within this customisable view you can also select preset filters.

  1. Click on “Customise view”

  2. You can add or remove columns.

  3. You can adjust the order by dragging the columns where you would like them to be.

  4. You can also filter a column by adding your preferred information. Ie. selecting the Organisation account name filter.

  5. When finished, select “save as a preset” and name this preset.

  6. Confirm.

Only want to view your Harvest 2023 data?

Looking to hide all your previous contracts, deliveries and inventory from previous years? You can do so by following these very simple steps:

  1. After clicking on ‘Customise View’, start going through the columns you wish to display

  2. You can easily search and add a column category if this one doesn’t already appear with your pre-selected columns

  3. If you wish, you can drag a column to change its position if it requires more or less attention

  4. Click on the Filter icon to filter the information you would like to see displayed in your preferred columns (ie. Harvest date, location, variety,...)

  5. Finally, make sure you select ‘Create a New Preset’ and give it a name, so you can view your filtered data. ie. 'Harvest 2023 Data'

You can filter and create a new preset in your Contracts, Deliveries, Orders, Inventory and Invoices to allow this to be across all data you are viewing.

Selecting a Preset that you have created.

If you have created different presets, you can easily change between them by selecting the drop down with the title of the current preset.


Export your data.

After having selected a preset, you can export your data that is visible by clicking on 'Export', this will download a .csv file for you to further manipulate the data or input it elsewhere.

There are limitations of up to 9999 lines of data at any given time. To adjust the data you want to download, filter the relevant fields before exporting your data.

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