How to customise your list screen?
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How to create & select presets

Navigate to a list screen via one of the primary modules: Contracts, Orders, Deliveries, Etc.

  1. Next, select "Customise View".

  2. This will generate a prompt where a user can customise the list screen by selecting the desired columns, adding filters, and opting in or out of Trial Data.

  3. Once finished, select "Save as new preset".

  4. Two new fields will appear. Enter a preset name and select Personal or Organization. Personal presets will only be visible to you whereas all members of a user's organization will be able to select this preset if Organization is selected.

  5. Select "Save".

This preset will now be displayed and made available in the dropdown between the search and customise view features.

💡Note: The last selected preset will automatically be set as the default screen upon next log in to the AgriDigital platform.

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