Add Grower's NGR Number to your List Screens
Updated over a week ago

With the recent NGR changes now showing the ABN Entity Names or Registered Business Names, the information you now see in AgriDigital may be different to what you're used to.

You will have the ability to add a filter option to view your Grower's NGR number in your list screens.

Here's how to set it up

1. Navigate to a list screen eg. Storage > Deliveries list screen > Customise View;

2. Type in the search bar 'Organization', this will bring up a few options;

3. Choose the 'Organization External ID' (which will only display the NGR number ie 1234567) you may also wish to add in 'Organization external ID provider (which will show the name NGR);

4. Click on green plus (+) to add these to your custom view;

5. Save this as a new preset and name eg. Show NGR Number and set to an organisation view, so that others in your team can view this.

6. Click on 'Save'.

Your preset will now display these two columns in this list screen. You may wish to perform this over multiple list screens, where available.

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