Customising your Contract Reference Number
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When you create a new contract, AgriDigital automatically creates a unique Contract Reference Number (e.g. C0012345). This Contract number remains the same for both counterparties involved in the contract, therefore allowing clarity and consistency between both Buyer and Seller.

How to customise your Contract Reference Number:

As uniformity is key across the system, you are unable to edit the automated Contract Number. But, the steps below will allow you to add your own Reference Number against your chosen contract and search by this accordingly.

  1. Navigate to the desired contract via Transactions > Contracts (NOTE: your Contract cannot be in a completed state, you are unable to edit a contract once it is completed).

  2. Enter in a Reference either in the 'Counterparty Reference' field OR in the 'Comments' of the contract.


How to search by your Contract Reference Number:

  1. In Transactions > Contracts, select 'Customise View' and customise the screen to include the field you chose to use in the above. You can then save this as a preset if you would like.

  2. Then, when you search using your Contract Reference number, the relevant contract will appear.

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