How to add/remove filters
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Adding/removing filters guide



A user can add/remove filters to each list screen so that only relevant data is displayed. This is a powerful tool that enables a user to quickly generate reports and establish relevant information for nuanced analyses. To add/remove filters execute the following:

  1. Navigate to a list screen via one of the primary modules: Contracts, Orders, Deliveries, Etc.

  2. Next, select "Customise View".

  3. .Look at the "Selected Columns" section and look for column names that have a blue signal icon next to them. By selecting these icons the column will appear on the right side as a filter.

  4. Remove filters by selecting the red (-) icon next to each filter's heading.

  5. Select, Apply or Apply & Save Changes.

Filter criteria definitions

There are four different types of filters:

  1. is between: filter results to display entries between two numerical values or dates (Ex. Contract Qty between 100 and 200 tons)

  2. is empty: filter results to display entries with blanks in a specific column. This could be particularly helpful for a user that wants to search for incomplete information in a document (Ex. Grade is blank).

  3. includes: filter results to display entries that include a specific requirement (Ex. location is Sydney)

  4. is not: filter results to display entries that do not include a specific requirement (Ex. status is not In Progress)

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